Joseph Pilates - Romana Kryzanowska - Therese Stark

Pilates Praktikum

The System is the Success

A course study for teachers that involves
the practical application and review of the Pilates system theory.

  • Teaching Skills
    • Creating a Pilates System
    • Defining System Progressions
  • Safety First
    • Insuring Safety First
    • Applying Corrective Exercises
    • The Right Exercise for the Right Student
    • How to Make Modifications and Adjusting Equipment
  • The Business of Pilates
    • Building Classes
    • Creating a Community
  • Inspiration
    • Incorporating Pilates Philosophy and Values into the Practice
    • Exploring the Integrity and Depth of the Pilates System
    • Sharing Romana’s Wisdom

 This course will help maximize the internal strength of movement using your own studio’s apparatus.

This workshop is not accredited to any certification program.